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About us

Tamilnadu Test House Pvt. Ltd. (TNTH) is a growing testing laboratory in India, providing laboratory services in the field of Pharmaceutical , Food, Agriculture , Environmental, Cosmetics and Biotechnology.

We use the latest methods and technology, to identifying risk factors, improve quality, efficiency, and add value to the market. As a testing partner, we assure our clients a faster turnaround time and accurate test results demonstrating compliance with statutory requirements.

Scientifically and Legally Defensible Data – TNTH maintains strict adherence to our Quality Assurance/Quality Control programs and regulatory requirements which comply with ISO 17025, FDA, AOAC, GMP, ASTM, and EU, AIHA  guidelines and methods.

Financial Strength – At a time when many labs are consolidating, TNTH continues to grow. Our goal is to grow both organically and through diversification. We do this by bringing new tests on-line, developing patented procedures, improving quality and efficiency on routine tests, and using our existing resources wisely. We maintain exceptional insurance coverage.

Management Approach –  TNTH has an efficient management structure which allows us to respond quickly to changes in the market and our clients’ needs. We maintain a strategic focus on diversification and improving our services rather than a short term focus on the bottom line.

Client Service – We strive to provide service based on your needs rather than our convenience. Since our clients often need to respond beyond normal weekday working hours, our labs have extended weekday, second shift and weekend hours. We have a staff of Project Managers, Client Service Managers and dedicated point-of-contact personnel to make your TNTH experience a great one. Our goal is to provide you with seamless, friendly service each and every day.

Analytical Expertise – We employ only highly qualified and experienced chemists, microbiologists, material scientists, industrial hygienists, and technicians to offer you the best in analytical services.

Technology – TNTH recognizes the importance of long term capital investment in order to provide you with improved service. We offer web-site access to your data, customized reports, an integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and new instrumentation upgrades to allow us to expand our scope of services and maintain our great customer support.

Full Service – TNTH can support all your Food, Consumer Products, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Microbiology, Materials Testing, and Indoor Air Quality needs. In addition to our routine analyses, we also perform special and research projects.