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We offer the best results in agricultyural testing. Our testing includes soil, plant, water and manure analysis. Our turnaround time and precise resultshas helped farmers, crop input dealers, research organizations and many companies. The information provided by us enhances crop production, maximizes economic returns and minimizes the environmental impact on soil and water.

Soil Testing

A survey was conducted amongst farmers few years ago and when asked whether soil testing is something they should use to improve soil fertility and for raising better crops. Almost 82% of them said ‘Yes’ and almost 28 % of them said that they have used soil tests.


Nematodes are microscopic creatures which are worm like living in the soil and feed primarily on the roots of plants. They almost there in every soil and if the soil is coarser means more Nematodes.

Water Analysis

Knowing the quality of water is very essential.   Whether the water is being used for irrigation, human consumption, fish growth or livestock suitability, Tamilnadu Test House will help you to analyse the quality of water.


It is good to know the analysis of the fertilizer being purchased or manufactured. Manufacturers should be rest assured that the claimed contents are compliant to regulatory standards. Failing to meet will result in serious problems.  Be sure and get the fertilizer product analyzed.

Feed Analysis
Having your feed tested is a way of ensuring your livestock are consuming the adequate nutrients they need in their diet. Poor nutrition can affect not only the productivity of the animal, but also its health and behavior. Forage and feed sampling is an essential tool in determining your animal feed quality.

Tamilnadu test House offers herbicide/pesticide residue testing for a broad range of agricultural commodities, soil, plant and water. Testing will determine pre-plant herbicide levels in soils and identify problems caused by drift or carryover. Any improper content in Fertilizers and tank mixes can be analyzed. Testing is the only way to establish identifiable levels.