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Bio Technology

Bio Technology
Bio Assay & Screening

Tamilnadu Test House  provides testing services for a wide range of enzyme assays, immuno assays, cell-free assays and cell based assays for the biologics & biosimilar development across all stages of discovery and development, starting with R & D, Preclinical and Clinical phases to lot release, in-process validation and stability testing. We provide essential testing that establishes the safety and potency of biopharmaceuticals as well as determines pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

Batch & Lot release assays for Biologics
Potency testing is critical for product activity comparison, the regulatory submission, and batch or lot release of Bio-pharmaceuticals. Most importantly, bio similar products need to be demonstrating the product efficacy and manufacturing batch consistency.
Custom Cell Protein (HCP)

Tamilnadu Test House are experts in the development of high sensitive Host Cell Protein (HCP) assays for therapeutic proteins and antibodies. As per the current Indian regulatory guidelines, biopharmaceutical companies should develop product specific HCP assays to evaluate the therapeutic protein purity.

Cell Biology, Protein Biology & Immunology
In vitro Drug Screening Assays using Mammalian Cells….
Confocal Microscopy
Bacterial Viability in Dentinal Tubules……
Antioxidant Assays
Antioxidants play a pivotal role in food preservation……