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Bio Assay & Screening


Tamilnadu Test House  provides testing services for a wide range of enzyme assays, immuno assays, cell-free assays and cell based assays for the biologics & biosimilar development across all stages of discovery and development, starting with R & D, Preclinical and Clinical phases to lot release, in-process validation and stability testing. We provide essential testing that establishes the safety and potency of biopharmaceuticals as well as determines pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

Our assays use methodologies including ELISA & CLIA, and different end point readout to identify specific activity & potency of the molecules. For these, specific studies we will be using Multimode plate readers (absorbance, fluorescence, time resolved fluorescence, luminescence), FACS and microscopes.

Assay development, validation and technology transfer:

We provide clients with method development, method validation and method transfer. Bio-assays and Analytical methods can be developed at Tamilnadu Test House and is transferred according to client requirement to be used in the client place.

Tamilnadu Test House  offers the following bioassay services:
  • Bio-potency Testing
  • Immunogenicity Assays
  • Neutralization Assays