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Food testing

Tamilnadu Test House offers the best food analysis, with the highest level of efficiency. We care for citizens, about what they consume and we want our clients to rest assured with reassurance provided by us.

At the forefront of food analysis, we bring in world class expertise to the table for producers, processors and consumers, using the most advanced technology available today globally.

Food Testing
Nutritional Labeling
Across the globe consumer awareness is very high and they are very much concerned about the quality and nutrional content of the food. The nutrional content needs to be identified, quantified or validated and printed on labels of packages.
Quality Analysis
The rich expertise our team carries combined with the food industry regulatory norms helps client’s in their new product development , quality control and safety analysis.
Contaminants and Residues
Contaminants / Residues from pesticides and veterinary dugs in the food supply chain very serious health concerns for consumers across the globe. Tamilnadu Test House provides analytical testing services to identify the whole array of food contaminants and confirms that the quality of food products fall within the prescribed regulatory standards.
Microbial Analysis
Tamilnadu Test House is the food industry’s leading microbiology testing partner. Our experts conduct food microbiology testing to help you comply with regulatory standards of national agencies and institutions such as FSSAI, FDA, AGMARK and international bodies such as AOAC, USFDA and ISO. We can also perform food microbiology tests and research according to client standards if required.
Authenticity testing
Consumers have are very conscious to know about the quality and content of the foods they consume. We at TNTH use advanced food authenticity testing methods to ensure the food supply is devoid of fraudulent supply and helps protects the brand image.
Allergen Control
For consumers, manufacturers and public health authorities, Food allergies and intolerances are a major area of concern. Though only a small portion of the population gets affected but the health implications are very serious. This is a major reason that EFSA and FDA stipulate proper labelling of the allergenic ingredients.
Food borne virus deduction
One of the major problems food industry faces is the risk of contamination coupled with the presence of viruses in foods. Tamilnadu Test House helps you prevent such outbreaks with laboratory analyses for the detection of Norovirus G1/G2 and Hepatitis A viruses in food.
Ingredients and Additives
An ingredient (Salt, Spices, food colourings, preservatives, flavorings, additives and food enzymes) is any substance or product used in the manufacturing process but still present in the finished product as such or in an altered form.
Flavor and Fragrance
Want to learn more about the nature of flavours in a product? How to ensure that the product’s organoleptic properties of taste and aroma will stand the test of time?
Food Contact material
Any material which comes in contact with the food needs to controlled to avoid the risk of contamination and as well ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.