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Authenticity testing

Consumers have are very conscious to know about the quality and content of the foods they consume. We at TNTH use advanced food authenticity testing methods to ensure the food supply is devoid of fraudulent supply and helps protects the brand image.
The top ten adulterated products have been identified:
Top 10 products that are most at risk of food fraud
1 Olive oil
2 Fish
3 Organic foods
4 Milk
5 Grains
6 Honey and maple syrup
7 Coffee and tea
8 Spices (such as saffron and chilli powder)
9 Wine
10 Certain fruit juices

Tamilnadu Test House offers a wide range of testing procedures to identify adulterations, such as ELISA, real time PCR, microarray and DNA sequencing. These techniques help to:

  • Identify and quantify the source of contamination in food products.
  • Analyse the composition of most complex products.

For Animal species testing,:

We do sequencing of fish samples to identify the genus of all major animal species. Viz…Fishes like Atlantic cod, flatfish, halibut, pangasius, tilapia and meat, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, horse, goat, donkey, deer and more.