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Quality is the most extreme essential thing in the pharmaceutical business as individuals’ lives are specifically subject to the nature of drugs given to them for the treatment of infections or diseases. This highlights that it is so critical to have a dependable accomplice for testing and accreditation of pharmaceutical products and their ingredients.
Tamilnadu Test House offers a wide range of pharmaceutical testing & research services which helps in improvement, endorsement,, and make of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products.
Our pharmaceutical lab offers:
  • Pharmacopoeial testing based on USP, BP, EP or IP
  • Testing based on client’s in-house practices
  • Documented in-house methods which are validated
Moreover, the organization can create and validate methodologies for use on raw materials, API’s or finished products. The research facility has additionally attempted work in support of process & cleaning validation and stability studies for Pharma industry. Whether it is normal QC testing, non-routine analysis, Research & Development projects or Consulting, customers can be rest assured that TNTH will be responsive, accurate and analytical in its support services.
Tamilnadu Test House Private Limited routinely undertakes contract lab testing of
Raw material Analysis
The drug raw materials and excipients are tested according to latest Pharmacopoeial (USP, BP, EP, IP, JP) procedures.
Finished Products
TNTH provides opportune and thorough testing of process validation & production batches which in turn ensure a safe and speedy market reach for your products.
Micro Biology
Compendial tests are undertaken for Drugs, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Disinfectants & Healthcare products as per IS / IP / BP / EP / USP-NF / IS / ISO / WHO / ASTM and also includes customised methods.
Medical Device testing
Method Development & Validation
Our highly skilled method development scientists have acquired years of experience, working across many types of product, methods and analytical technologies to ensure that the method will be ‘fit for purpose’.
NMR Spectroscopy
Trace Metal Analysis
Trace metal Analysis of elemental impurities is very critical for pharma products before market launch. The elemental composition of alien metals helps defining the product purity and quality.
Residual Solvent Analysis
Tamilnadu Test House offers a validated testing method to determine the amount of residual solvents introduced during processing of concentrates. By monitoring the ppm levels of solvents we can identify raw materials and products that are free from harmful contamination.
Our lab is equipped with the following:
  • Chromatography (TLC, GC, HPLC,  GC/MS)
  • Spectroscopy (FTIR, UV/visible, Atomic Absorption)
  • Titrimetry, including Karl Fischer reagent and Oven/ Disintegration/Dissolution (including extended release)
  • Carbon analyzer (TOC)
  • Viable microbial air sampler